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Copy Machines

Copy machines solutions can be hard to find when you are searching through hundreds of local companies in the South Florida area. It is very important to know who you should trust when choosing a new copy machine for your company or business. You have come to the right place! STAT Business Systems offers high quality copiers, printers and more from the top brands in the industry; Copystar, Kyocera, and Ricoh.

Types of Copy Machine

There are many different types of copier so it is useful to classify them in different categories. These categories are as follows: Black and White Copiers, Color Copiers, Wide Format Copiers.

When choosing a multifunctional printer (MFP) for your business it is important to consider the printing speed and cost. Black and white copy machines offer faster printing and cost less per page. Color copiers offer the obvious advantage of color printing. This comes at the cost of slower printing speeds and a higher cost when utilizing the color features.

In recent years however color copiers have reduced upfront costs and improved page printing speeds and per page costs to become closer to their black and white counterparts. The bottom line however is that a black and white printer will cost your company less money from the initial purchase to the per page price of printing. It is important to examine your own businesses needs to see what the best option will be for your company.

Color Copier Machines

Commerical Copy Machine Comparison

We offer a FREE commercial copier comparison service that allows you to compare your current office copier to a new copier to examine the benefits. In many cases a new copier can increase the productivity of your office and offset its purchase cost. Many copier companies always try and push their top of the line models. We take a different approach! We recommend copy machines that will work for your business without blowing the budget. Our interest is to build a long term relationship with your company by offering top notch customer service and after sale care.

View Popular Copy Machine Models

Copy Machine Leasing Vs. Buying

One of the most common questions we receive is about our copier leasing program versus simply purchasing a new or used copier outright. At STAT Business Systems we provide a large amount of flexibility in your purchasing AND leasing options. The typical rule of thumb is that if you purchase a copier outright or finance it this will save you money over the long run. However purchases require a larger amount of money to be invested up front and does not offer the worry free approach that leasing provides your business.

Our most popular option is copier leasing due to the low upfront cost (for a great machine), scheduled service included, upgradability during and at the end of the term, and many other reasons. This is not always the right option for every business but we are very upfront on which option we would recommend depending on your business needs.

Regardless of which option you choose STAT has you covered with great pricing and top of the line new and used machines.

Why Choose STAT Business Systems

Our company prides itself on the fact that we are a family business. We have been providing top notch service to the South Florida area since the early 1980s. Honest and reliable sales and service have been on full display stretch across three generations. We don’t treat our customers as a number!

We commonly see smaller companies not receiving the service they deserve because they are not a big account for a large copier company. We specialize in helping smaller companies thrive through leasing options that allow your equipment to grow with your business without being a burden.

If you are looking for a straightforward approach to copier sales and leasing for a great copy machine look no further than STAT Business Systems! We offer free quotes and have a compete selection of new and used copiers in stock for fast delivery at a GREAT price!

Copier Leasing and Sales

Copier Leasing Guide

Is your business in need of a new copier or printer? Have you been tasked with doing the research and making the purchasing decision for a multifunctional copier or printer for your company? This article will help make your decision easier as it compares copier leasing versus copy machine purchasing. By examining and comparing these two options you will be able to make a more informed decision about what is right for your company.

First let us discuss in general terms copier leasing and copier purchasing.

Multifunctional Copier Leasing

Most people are familiar with leasing a vehicle. You go into the dealership and choose the vehicle and are ready to make the “purchase”. When comparing the number with the financial advisor you realize that the lease option is very appealing due to the lower monthly payment. You also note that maintenance on the vehicle is included for the term of the lease for regular scheduled service. When the lease is up you are ready to give back the old vehicle and start the process again by choosing a new vehicle. If instead you would like to keep your current vehicle you have the option to purchase it outright (or finance it) at this time. The goal with any lease is to get the equipment you want with as little money down as possible to start while keeping your monthly payment affordable.

Copier leasing works in a very similar way to vehicle leasing. STAT Business Systems offers free quotes so we typically come to your place of business to work with you and assess your needs. Once a copier model is agreed upon you now have the option to lease or purchase. If you choose to lease the copier we will offer you an operating lease. This type of lease offers a lower monthly payment than other types of leases such as purchase (capital) leases. Note that we offer copier leasing for both our new and used copier products giving you a more flexible option in terms on budget. Our leases typically include scheduled service to ensure that they are operating correctly and to protect the equipment from damage (when not maintained). We then agree to a downpayment, monthly payment, and lease term.

Multifunctional Copier Purchasing

Many companies prefer to own their equipment outright. This is typical of larger organizations who can afford to pay a higher amount and often have an in house copier and IT expert to maintain the equipment.

The process of making a copier purchase is similar to copier leasing for copier purchasing. We set an appointment to visit your business, assess your needs, and recommend a few options to help you make a decision. Once you choose a copier we then examine the purchasing options. First you always have the choice to simply purchase the equipment outright. We also offer you financing options with a monthly payment which is dependent on the type of equipment, financing term, and amount of downpayment. Although scheduled maintenance is not included in this package many of our customers sign up for a scheduled service package to ensure proper operation and longevity of the equipment.

Copier Leasing vs Purchasing Benefits

Now that you have a better understanding of what options you will have when purchasing a new or used copier for your business what is the right decision for your business? Let’s compare the benefits of each choice:


  • Lower Monthly Cost – The most influencing benefit of copier leasing is the lower monthly cost. This can allow your business to get into a higher model of copier which in turn can save on labor costs and boost morale in the office. And everyone loves paying less for a great machine.
  • Lower Initial Deposit – For a lot of companies a large deposit on a new copier is not the best use of that money. Instead a low monthly payment allows the company to stretch the payments out while collecting income and enjoying the benefits right away.
  • Included Scheduled Maintenance – Over the past few decades of maintaining copiers and printers we have a very good understanding of exactly what is needed for proper copier maintenance. Our lease program includes scheduled maintenance at number of pages printed intervals (and/or age). This benefit to copier leasing provides peace of mind for business owners and helps to avoid workplace interruptions due to a non functioning copier.
  • Keep Up With Technology & Growth – If you purchase a copier outright you don’t have the same options to avoid obsolete equipment or keep up with your businesses changing needs. For example if your business takes on a few extra employees all using the same copier and printing machine it might not be able to keep up with the demand. Our copier leasing program allows for early upgrades to newer equipment that can adapt with your needs. You also have the benefit of keeping up with technology with a new machine every few years so your equipment is never obsolete.


  • Lower Total Cost – If you choose to purchase your printing equipment outright you will typically pay a lower total amount. This is because you will save on interest costs over the years since financing rates are often lower than leasing rates.
  • Flexibility – By owning your copier you have a lot more flexibility. You are able to sell the equipment to recoup some of your investment, you are not under any contracts, and you are not bound by the same scheduled maintenance that is required in a lease since you are the owner of the equipment.

Copier Purchasing and Leasing Disadvantages

With both our copy machine lease and purchase programs there are some things to consider. For leasing the drawbacks are simple: the total cost of the machine will be higher when compared to purchasing and the business will be signing a contract with a fixed term. For purchasing the initial expense will be greater, the buyer assumes more risk for the equipment since they now own it, and scheduled maintenance can often be missed.

Should I Lease Or Purchase a New Copier?

After considering all of the information above we hope that we have helped make your decision a little easier. The basic rule of thumb when choosing to purchase or lease a new copier is as follows. If you would like a lower monthly price with a lower initial investment AND would like to upgrade your copier every few years and not worry about maintenance leasing is the perfect choice. If your business can afford to make a larger initial investment you can save money by purchasing the machine outright and have greater flexibility in regards to resale, avoiding contracts, and recouping some of your investment through resale.

We hope that we have made your decision a little easier! If you would like to speak to an expert about copier leasing versus copier purchasing our team is standing by to provide you with some great options and a free quote. Contact us today to learn more!

CS 4052 ci Color Copier

Copystar CS 4052ci Review

At STAT Business Systems we have a long history of analyzing and testing many different copier and printing machines both in house and in the field. We regularly review these machines to see how they compare to other products from different manufacturers so that we can recommend the best products to our customers. We recently performed a review of the Copystar CS 4052ci color copier to see why it is one of our most popular models sold. Here is what we found:


Copystar uses long life components and consumables such as fusers, rollers, toners, and motors in their machines to improve the longevity and reliability of these parts. This means more dependable performance for your business with a reduced need for replacement parts. This is on full display with the CS 4052ci which boasts exceptional resistance to wear and breakdowns in the field.


One of the most important aspects of a copier is how it keeps up with heavy paper usage. The components that make up this copier are designed especially for a high paced and multiple user environment. By putting a focus on high demand printing and copying, each part of this machine was engineered for longevity with today’s printing demands.

Operational ease

What good is a copier if it is too hard to use? Our customers love the large 9” color TSI tablet style home screen that makes operation a breeze. In addition to a large display with easy to use menus and common sense software, the CS 4052ci includes Apple AirPrint which allows for simple printing from Apple tablets, phones, and computers. A large paper tray that supports up to 12”x18” paper provides more printing flexibility, and a smart design allows for easy paper loading, toner changes, and even misfeed clearing.

Environmental Focus

Copystar has redesigned the empty toner bottles so that they can be reused as waste toner containers. By choosing a Copystar model such as the 4052ci, you will be helping to support an environmental initiative that will help to save millions of bottles from being wasted. Copystar’s commitment is also displayed by this machine’s ENERGY STAR rating.

In summary, our customers love the CS 4052ci color copier due to its high reliability, robust design that will stand up to the actual needs of customers today, operational ease, and environmentally friendly approach. If you would like to learn more about this copier or receive a free demo we encourage you to give us a call or request a free quote on our website. Thank you for reading!