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Copy Machines

Copy machines solutions can be hard to find when you are searching through hundreds of local companies in the South Florida area. It is very important to know who you should trust when choosing a new copy machine for your company or business. You have come to the right place! STAT Business Systems offers high quality copiers, printers and more from the top brands in the industry; Copystar, Kyocera, and Ricoh.

Types of Copy Machine

There are many different types of copier so it is useful to classify them in different categories. These categories are as follows: Black and White Copiers, Color Copiers, Wide Format Copiers.

When choosing a multifunctional printer (MFP) for your business it is important to consider the printing speed and cost. Black and white copy machines offer faster printing and cost less per page. Color copiers offer the obvious advantage of color printing. This comes at the cost of slower printing speeds and a higher cost when utilizing the color features.

In recent years however color copiers have reduced upfront costs and improved page printing speeds and per page costs to become closer to their black and white counterparts. The bottom line however is that a black and white printer will cost your company less money from the initial purchase to the per page price of printing. It is important to examine your own businesses needs to see what the best option will be for your company.

Color Copier Machines

Commerical Copy Machine Comparison

We offer a FREE commercial copier comparison service that allows you to compare your current office copier to a new copier to examine the benefits. In many cases a new copier can increase the productivity of your office and offset its purchase cost. Many copier companies always try and push their top of the line models. We take a different approach! We recommend copy machines that will work for your business without blowing the budget. Our interest is to build a long term relationship with your company by offering top notch customer service and after sale care.

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Copy Machine Leasing Vs. Buying

One of the most common questions we receive is about our copier leasing program versus simply purchasing a new or used copier outright. At STAT Business Systems we provide a large amount of flexibility in your purchasing AND leasing options. The typical rule of thumb is that if you purchase a copier outright or finance it this will save you money over the long run. However purchases require a larger amount of money to be invested up front and does not offer the worry free approach that leasing provides your business.

Our most popular option is copier leasing due to the low upfront cost (for a great machine), scheduled service included, upgradability during and at the end of the term, and many other reasons. This is not always the right option for every business but we are very upfront on which option we would recommend depending on your business needs.

Regardless of which option you choose STAT has you covered with great pricing and top of the line new and used machines.

Why Choose STAT Business Systems

Our company prides itself on the fact that we are a family business. We have been providing top notch service to the South Florida area since the early 1980s. Honest and reliable sales and service have been on full display stretch across three generations. We don’t treat our customers as a number!

We commonly see smaller companies not receiving the service they deserve because they are not a big account for a large copier company. We specialize in helping smaller companies thrive through leasing options that allow your equipment to grow with your business without being a burden.

If you are looking for a straightforward approach to copier sales and leasing for a great copy machine look no further than STAT Business Systems! We offer free quotes and have a compete selection of new and used copiers in stock for fast delivery at a GREAT price!