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Choosing A Copier or Printer For Your Company

Choosing a new copier or printer for your business can be a daunting task. There are many different requirements that need to be considered in order to make an informed decision on what type of machine will be right for your business. In addition to you actual needs, copier brand quality, longevity, and dependability must also be considered. This article offers helpful information about some of the requirements that you should consider to make the right decision for your new copier or printing machine.

The first step in choosing a new machine is to look at the following in relation to your business:

  • Printing and Copying Volume Per Month
  • Speed Requirements
  • Color Printing Versus Black and White Printing
  • Specialty Machine Features

Although there are many additional considerations, these are the main ones that you should examine.

How Much Will You Print and Copy?

The first obvious consideration should be to examine what your printing needs are for your business. Start by talking with your employees about how much they are printing, examine your current equipments logs, and come up with a rough estimate on your monthly usage. Make sure to as your staff about how often they use other multifunctional features such as copying and faxing.

Would You Save Money With A Faster Machine?

It is always a good exercise to examine printing costs cross referenced with employee downtime. If you are paying an employee to wait by a copier your printing costs are significantly increased! When speaking to your employees about a new machine, ask them how much time each day they spend waiting for something to print or copy. Would they benefit from a faster machine?

Do You Need A Color or Black and White Copier or Printer?

The main copier in an office tends to be the workhorse for all of the employees. It’s where you send that 1000 page document that you need to distribute at a meeting. Did you know that color multifunctional copiers are slower at printing than their black and white counterparts (in most cases)? Most offices have additional printers that are able to handle small color printing jobs and a black and white machine can save you a huge amount on your daily printing costs. Consider your actual business needs and come up with a percentage of how often you print in color and how often you print in black and white. Would a small additional desktop printer be able to handle your color printing overflow?

Specialty Multifunctional Copier Features

Does your company have any need for additional features such as faxing, stapling, specialty paper sizes or remote diagnostics? Depending on the reliance on the machine, these features can really help improve your productivity, reduce employee downtime, and ensure scheduled maintenance while avoiding a breakdown. Have a look at the additional features available and see if you actually need them for your business. For example, a larger screen can help speed up menu navigation and make menu reading more intuitive and easier to read (thus saving time).

Choosing A Copier Company

With so many things to consider with a large purchase such as a multifunctional copier it is very important to make an informed decision. We encourage you to consider all of the above information and then contact an expert to help. STAT Business Systems provides fast and free copier and printer quotes and considers many more factors than listed above to recommend the perfect machine based on your actual business needs. We have been successful by not pushing people into expensive machines with features that will not be used. Instead, our friendly approach always has been to offer the best advice possible backed by decades of experience in each vertical market. We treat each customer fairly regardless of business size. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote and experience the STAT difference!!

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