In need of a multifunction copy machine for your business in Miami Lakes? STAT Business Systems is a high quality copier company specializing in printer copier scanner machines. We stock a large lineup of performance copiers from the top brands including Kyocera, Copystar, and Ricoh. We bring you copiers that offer exceptional performance, durability, and time saving features that are affordable!

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Copy Machine Leasing Program

There is a reason that our copier leasing program is our most preferred choice in Miami Lakes. When you choose our leasing program you are able to get a brand new copier machine in your office for one low monthly payment. The way leasing works is that you keep the machine for a fixed term. Once this term is done you have the option to purchase the copier outright, return it, or trade it for a new copier on a new lease. This program is so popular because it typically avoids a large upfront payment, includes scheduled maintenance, and gets you the machine you want for less per month than financing a sale. It also keeps your business future proof since you can get a new copier with all the latest features every few years.

Multifunction Copier Scanner Printer

When choosing a copier it’s important to get the features and benefits that will help you save on labor hours. Our machines are typically hooked up to the network allowing multiple people in the office to print to the multifunction copier from their own workstation. In addition to this, the machine can be used as a scanner or copier directly at the unit (and also a lot more features). The benefits to having a central machine versus many smaller machines is that you get a much higher quality unit with more features. The print quality and speed tend to be greater and there is one one machine to manage and maintain. This also reduces your printing costs through high yield printing.

Copier Service and Repairs

We look after our customers long after the sale. Our maintenance and repair division work on ALL BRANDS of copy machines regardless if you purchased from us. In fact, our fleet of service vehicles is stocked with the latest repair parts for many different brands allowing us to often repair or service your unit faster. At STAT Business Systems we offer top tier customer service, fast delivery service and repairs, along with a full sales division.

Get to know our team through our copier repair and service program! We offer scheduled maintenance services along with emergency dispatching. We know how much of an interruption a broken down copier can be to an office. We are committed to getting you up and running as fast as possible!

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