A new copier is an important investment for any company. It offers multifunction operation allowing your team to work efficiently. Choosing a copier can be a hard task. At STAT Business we recognize that you have a lot of choices when choosing a copy machine, printer, or other office equipment. We make the process simple! We offer aggressive pricing including financing and copier leasing. We also bring you high quality brands that deliver exceptional performance and dependability.

Most importantly, when you choose us you receive the highest level of customer service in the industry! Let our team work for you using our expertise to recommend the perfect printer or copier (even if it costs less). Contact us today to get started! Or use the links below to browse through some of our most popular models.

Copier Sales versus Copier Leasing

There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding copier leasing versus copier sales. When we use the term sale we are referring to a company buying a copier outright. Once it is purchased the new owner is responsible for a service, maintenance, etc. Typically larger companies purchase copy machines and printers because they often are able to maintain them in house and have the budget to buy them outright. We offer a complete lineup of new and used copy machines perfect for larger businesses.

The more popular option for companies in South Florida is copier leasing. When you lease a new copier you do not own it outright. You own it for a term. Copier leasing is very similar to car leasing. Once the term is up you have the option to pay the buyout amount and keep the equipment or simply return it and walk away or upgrade. Copier leasing is preferred because it does not require a very large up front payment and scheduled maintenance is included throughout the lease term. It’s a great way to stay up to date with technology by getting a new copier every few years and not have to worry about aging and out of date equipment.

Free Copy Machine Quotes

Let’s get you a new copier! We offer fast approval (OAC) and low monthly payments. Use the button below to get started with a multifunction copier quote. We also carry printers and specialty equipment. We look forward to speaking with you!

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