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Have you considered the benefits that a new office copier or printer can offer for your business? A high quality copier or printing machine can easily pay for itself by saving you staff hours while at the same time providing a huge boost to morale in the office!

Repetitive tasks such as stapling, scanning, and printing using inefficient machines and software can leave your team frustrated and bored. By helping with this frustration you will not only have a happier staff, you will also create a more efficient work environment and focus on more important tasks throughout the day!

Palm Beach Copiers
Multifunctional copy machine

Greenacres Copier Sales and Service

Since the early 1980s STAT Business Systems has been providing high quality products and service to Palm Beach County Florida. We specialize in Kyocera / Copystar machines and are proud to offer our services to Greenacres Florida.

Our success has been built on a customer service approach where we offer personalized service regardless of company size. We don’t treat you like a number but instead provide our products and services with a family approach. Welcome to STAT!

Copier Leasing Service

One of our most popular programs for obtaining a new copier or printer for your office is our copier leasing service. Similar to a car lease model, our leasing program allows you to pay one low rate for a new machine without a large upfront payment. This approach is great because after the lease term is up you can receive a new machine and keep up with technology and features. Our leasing program also includes scheduled maintenance for a worry free office.

Brands You Can Trust

With over three decades of experience behind us we are confident that we are bringing the best brands directly to you! Over the years we have completed extensive testing of our machines to ensure longevity, performance, and value for our customers. We pride ourselves on pairing the right machine to your company without overselling features that you will not need or use. Our goal is to provide you with a dependable product that will HELP your office increase it’s productivity and performance.

Kyocera Multifunctional Copier

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